Finally, improvements made to store in the ‘black neighborhood’

Posted on February 20, 2009 2:00 AM

It’s amazing what the sight of a carton of milk can do. Once upon a time, I would have never thought I could go to my local Winn-Dixie to get my daughter’s soymilk. The Five Points West location, to put it bluntly, was pitiful. The lot was always dirty, and inside was no better. The selection was sparse. The lighting was drab. There were rarely any grocery carts. Once, I went in and there was only one, rusty cart available. “They steal them,” I was told.

It was as if the bigwigs, wherever they are, had forgotten about that location. Other Winn-Dixie stores I had visited were modern and cool. This one was anything but.

Last week, however, I was blown away. Bright lights greeted me when I walked inside this time. And, there was a whole stable of brand-new carts waiting for my selection. There was an amazing assortment of food, from fresh seafood to those little gourmet crackers. Then, I spotted it: the soymilk. It was sitting on a shelf with several others: plain, vanilla, very vanilla and chocolate. I was stunned.

Finally, the Winn-Dixie in the “black neighborhood” is like the grocery stores in the other areas. I mentioned the improvements to the cashier, a black woman in her early 60s. She said she had been praying they would improve the store. She said the store makes lots of money, and she couldn’t understand why it was neglected so. But, “God answers prayer,” she said. “We deserve this.”

Marie Sutton

Bush Hills


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